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The newest AP Poll is out after a crazy and great Week 5 of college football, and we have some interesting changes in the Top 5.

Clemson shoots up to No. 3 after their win over previous No. 3 Louisville. The Cardinals drop after the 42-36 loss, but not far, as they are still ranked No. 7 in the poll.

Washington jumps all the way up No. 5 from the No. 10 spot after their 44-6 win over Stanford. Stanford dropped to No. 15 after the loss, and the Cardinal might be lucky to have only dropped that far.

Tennessee and Miami both jump into the Top 10, as they beat up on the state of Georgia with wins over UGA and Georgia Tech, respectively.

There is some intriguing action at the bottom of the poll. Florida State and Utah hang on in the poll even though both lost on Saturday. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech makes its first appearance in the poll even after a BYE week. The appearance of the Hokies denies North Dakota State an appearance in the poll.

The full rankings:

1. Alabama (53)
2. Ohio State (6)
3. Clemson (1)
4. Michigan (1)
5. Washington
6. Houston
7. Louisville
8. Texas A&M
9. Tennessee
10. Miami
11. Wisconsin
12. Nebraska
13. Baylor
14. Ole Miss
15. Stanford
16. Arkansas
17. North Carolina
18. Florida
19. Boise State
20. Oklahoma
21. Colorado
22. West Virginia
23. Florida State
24. Utah
25. Virginia Tech

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