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In the wake of the Baylor sexual assault scandal, sexual assault activist Brenda Tracy has been speaking to colleges and football teams about how to prevent assaults on campus. Tracy — who alleges she was raped by Oregon State football players in 1998 — made a stop at Baylor, where she praised the players and head coach Jim Grobe for genuinely listening to her message.

Apparently not everyone was on board with her being there, though.

In an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Tracy details an encounter with one unnamed member of Baylor’s coaching staff.

“I felt like the players were great. They were all engaged. They were all listening and all paying attention,” she told Outside the Lines of her talk July 25 with the Baylor football team. “I was really surprised and caught off guard when this coach pulled me aside. I was really surprised that he was that bold to say those things, but he was really awful and terrible.”

“One of the first things he says is he didn’t understand why I was there,” she told OTL. “He said this wasn’t a football issue. This was an issue on the rest of the campus. And he just went on and on that [former head coach] Art Briles did absolutely nothing and this was all unfounded and nothing happened and they were being treated unfairly and there was some conspiracy going on against Baylor football.”

That doesn’t sound idea.

Baylor is under fire after several sexual assaults on campus were linked to players of the football team, and after those assaults were not reported by the coaching staff for proper investigation. The scandal cost Art Briles his job, though some of his assistants stayed on at the program.

Apparently at least one of those assistants has taken extreme umbrage over the events, which goes to show that this issue at Baylor is far from being solved. After everything that has happened at Baylor over the past several months, a coach really had the audacity to pull Tracy aside and ask why she was there?

I guess that proves exactly why she needed to be there. Props to Coach Grobe and the players for taking this seriously, at least. Hopefully this assistant can do better in the future.

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