With November seemingly around the corner, everyone is making College Football Playoff predictions. CBS Sports put together a particularly interesting foursome for the postseason mini-tournament. They had Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson as their top three teams (in that order), which is not that big a deal or much of a surprise.

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The fourth team that was in their playoff prediction was quite interesting as it wasn’t Washington or even Michigan, but Texas A&M. West Virginia, Nebraska and Baylor would have also been acceptable choices since they are all undefeated, but the Aggies play Alabama this weekend so this choice is likely to change next week.

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If the Aggies can somehow pull off the upset then they might jump up to the No. 1 spot since the Crimson Tide is considered to be the best team in the country by far. That game has a 3:30 p.m. kickoff on CBS.

[h/t CBS Sports]

CBS Sports has this surprise darkhorse candidate in its current playoff predictions Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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