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Tom Crean has been known to get angry with officials and his players quite often. In his team’s 75-63 loss to Michigan — that dropped the team to a 15-11 record — the case was definitely for the latter as he lit up his team in his post-game press conference. The team showed a real lack of effort and maturity most of all as he described it and here’s his entire rant that pretty threw everyone under the bus with the exception of one player:

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It was this quote that was the most damning though as the team has five juniors and a senior on it:

The only guy he praised was sophomore Thomas Bryant who he said is basically trying to lead a team that refuses to be led by anyone. Bryant is also a potential first round pick in this year’s NBA Draft and having to play with teammates like that will definitely sway a guy to go pro if there’s any potential to make some money rather than stick around for some guys who don’t care enough to try and win games.

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