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At 4-6, Notre Dame is guaranteed to finish the season with its worst record since going 6-6 in 2009.

So, you can imagine all the bitterness that’s likely surrounding the South Bend campus right about now, particularly considering the lofty expectations of the Irish fan base year in and year out—a fan base that Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd calls the most “delusional” in college sports.

“Of all the fan bases, I think Notre Dame’s is the most delusional,” Cowerherd said “How many coaches do you need to see struggle to realize that maybe it’s harder to win there? Notre Dame gets into bowl games they don’t deserve to be in…Because everybody knows you invite Notre Dame you get a good TV rating. Fans come from across the country and fill your stadium. You’re getting into better bowls than you deserve to get into…I’ve got nothing against Notre Dame, but if you put them in the SEC, you put them in the Big Ten, they’re a four or five loss team.”

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ND may have been vastly overrated in years past, like in 2012 when, as Cowherd pointed out, the Irish went 12-0 during the regular season then got throttled 42-14 by Alabama in the national championship game. Or even last season when they finished 10-2 and ended up getting manhandled 44-28 by Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.

This year, however, with games against ranked Virginia Tech and USC teams left on the schedule, the program’s first losing season in almost a decade is all but an afterthought. And no one is expecting this version of the Irish to get anywhere near the postseason, much less a bowl game they have no business being in.

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