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The University of Louisiana has disciplined four players after a video emerged online where members of the team were singing a song called, “F*** Donald Trump,” per The Advertiser.

The video was reportedly made before the election, and the school’s athletic director had a swift response:

“Recently, a video showing a small group of student-athletes acting inappropriately was recorded and shared on social media.  This video in no way represents the views and values of the Ragin’ Cajuns Football program, the Athletics Department or the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“Like many of you, we are disappointed in the actions of these student-athletes.  Coach Hudspeth recognized the severity of the situation and does not condone their behavior.  He acted swiftly to discipline those involved and continues to educate the team on how their actions are a reflection of the name on the front of their jerseys.”

Early reports noted Hudspeth had suspended the four players, but later reports mentioned the punishments were kept in-house.

While the athletic director discussed the perceived inappropriate actions, Hudspeth quickly came to his players’ defense:

“But I will say this,” he added Thursday. “It’s also disappointing that so many people have vilified a few 19-year-olds making some immature decisions, and then they were the same ones that voted for someone that has done much worse by grabbing a female in the private areas for the office of the (President of the) United States of America.”

In a statement released on Friday, Hudspeth noted he regretted his response that “may have offended some voters.”

It’s currently unclear who released the video.

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