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Paul Finebaum’s relationship with the Michigan Wolverines is a perilous one. The SEC Network personality routinely trashes the fan base, calling it the “most pathetic” in college football, and those in Ann Arbor regularly push back on what they perceive to be bias from Finebaum against football played on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

On Thursday evening, all of that came to head with Jim Harbaugh (finally) unloading on Twitter and it was a spectacle.

Whether Harbaugh actually knows that Finebaum’s name is “Paul” and not “Pete” is up for debate but this is tremendous either way. Those plugged in to the Michigan program seem to believe that this recent interview with ESPN was the final straw in Harbaugh’s mind.

While Finebaum’s most recognizable barbs against Michigan have to do with the fan base, he also regularly goes after Harbaugh individually and this latest stretch seemed personal. This comes after Finebaum famously declared that Michigan had “no chance” to beat Ohio State on the field and he banged the drum against the Wolverines before, during and after the 2016 campaign.

To this point, Finebaum’s only response arrived through the SEC Network.

With that said, it seems like a (very) safe bet that “Michigan Men” everywhere will be hearing from Paul Finebaum in the coming days and this back and forth probably isn’t over yet.