Recruits polled at January’s Army All-American Bowl named the two schools with the most annoying fan bases in college football, and the results really weren’t that close.

Per 247Sports, those recruits named Nebraska and Tennessee fans as the most annoying. Both schools received 10 votes each, with the next closest schools after that — Michigan and Texas — only getting five.

How much did these opinions affect recruiting this year? Well, Tennessee led major college football in decommits this year, so it looks like there may definitely be something here with what the recruits are saying.

In the age of social media, the opinions that recruits have about a team’s fans can be very important. Fans often tweet harassing things at recruits, and to no surprise, those kids notice. Let this be a lesson to fans: don’t tweet at recruits. Nothing good comes out of it.

Schools that received votes:

Tennessee, Nebraska: 10 votes
Michigan, Texas: 5 votes
Alabama: 4 votes
LSU, Miami, Texas A&M: 3 votes
Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn, Ole Miss: 2 votes

[H/T Land of 10]

Recruits named these two fan bases as the most annoying in all of college football Joe Robbins/Getty Images
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