Washington State Cougars’ head coach Mike Leach isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Leach, who guided the Cougars to another surprisingly solid season in 2016-17, received an automatic extension after this season because of his 8-5 record.

Via NBC’s College Football Talk:

“As detailed by Stefanie Loh for the Seattle Times, an 8-5 campaign in 2016 extended an automatic 1-year extension as spelled out in Leach’s contract. He is now signed with the Cougars through Dec. 31, 2021. The 2021 campaign would be Leach’s 10th season at Washington State, when he would be 60 years old.”

“His salary is set at $2.9 million.”

Leach hasn’t been a huge success at Washington State, but he has been more than solid and gotten the program closer to where it was years ago when a trip to the Rose Bowl was generally in the cards. Moving on from him would have been a mistake at this point in time as it does look like Leach is building something there, and he finally has the defense to match his high-profile air-raid offense.

One Power 5 coach is guaranteed another year for having a mediocre season William Mancebo/Getty Images

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