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It looks like at least one team is flying under the radar.

Jake Trotter of ESPN pulled up a very interesting stat on Wednesday, stating that there are only two teams in college football that can boast five wins over teams in ESPN’s Top 40 in Football Power Index (FPI).

One of those teams may be somewhat obvious: No. 1 ranked Alabama. The other might not be too obvious, though, as it is Oklahoma State.

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Now, there is one caveat to that stat: while Oklahoma State does have those five wins — Pitt, West Virginia, TCU, Kansas State, Texas — none of them are in the Top 20. Meanwhile, four of Alabama’s wins over Top 20 FPI teams. The difference is part of the reason while Oklahoma State is ranked 16th in FPI despite the accomplishment.

The good news for both teams: both have their chance for their sixth win over an FPI Top 40 team with their next contest. Alabama has Auburn — and later Florida — left, while Oklahoma State has a week off before they get a chance to knock off Oklahoma.

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