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This might be one of the best of the college football season.

Up by a touchdown, Auburn had a chance to ice their game against Vanderbilt with a field goal attempt from Daniel Carlson. SEC Defensive Player of the Year candidate Zach Cunningham had no intention of this game being over, though, as Cunningham perfectly timed a hurdle over the offensive line to block the kick in epic fashion.

Though it initially looked like a potential offsides call, it looks like Cunningham made it clean over the offensive line at just the right time.

The amazing play was all for nothing, though, as Vanderbilt threw an interception on the ensuing drive to give Auburn the victory.

Though Vandy falls to 4-5, Cunningham needs to be discussed as a serious Defensive Player of the Year candidate for the SEC. He had 88 tackles going into this game against Auburn, and was easily Vanderbilt’s player of the game for keeping this close.

Plus, that kick block… he was at the kicker before he kicked it!

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