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Alabama linebacker Tim Williams served what appears to be an unconfirmed first half suspension during Alabama’s 34-6 win over Kentucky Saturday. Thursday Williams was arrested for possession of a firearm without a permit. After the initial story broke it was discovered Williams in fact has a permit for his firearm from Louisiana, where Williams is from, but not Alabama, where Williams is a student.

Because Williams does have a permit from Louisiana the crime is only a misdemeanor which was most likely the impetus for Saban only initially suspending Williams for one half. After Williams returned to action he had Kentucky quarterback Stephen Johnson constantly on the run, Johnson will be seeing Williams in his sleep.

It remains to be seen what happens with Williams legal situation, but it was clear in the second half Saturday that Williams was determine to atone for his mistake. If he plays like this every week quarterbacks across the SEC will be praying for more missed time for the Bama linebacker.