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Paul Finebaum is ESPN’s resident SEC expert so it’s no surprise that the day after Alabama’s loss to Clemson in the national championship game Monday night, his show was blowing up with calls from despondent Tide fans.

One of those fans, a caller known as Joe from Red Bay, AL, unwittingly spread a little cheer with his sob story on an otherwise gloomy day.

It turns out this guy is such a diehard Tide fan that one of his fiancée’s dogs is named “Saban,” and after his team’s crushing defeat, he called into the Paul Finebaum show and reported that in the wake of Bama’s loss, “Saban” is refusing to eat.

“I’m babysitting my fiancée’s dogs today,” he told Finebaum. “..One of them is named Saban…He’s not taking the loss well. He’s not been right. He won’t eat today. He’s just been all upset.”

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Sad and incredibly funny at the same time. And kind of gives new meaning to the idea of a rabid fan.