Alabama may won the battle against LSU last Saturday, but they might not have won the war against the Tigers quite yet.

One Reddit user pointed out an interesting stat about the Crimson Tide in their games following the annual LSU game. In each of the past 14 seasons, Alabama has failed to score a touchdown in the first quarter of each of their contests following LSU.

Every. Single. Time.

Year: 1stQ points scored (W/L)
2002: 0 (L)
2003: 2 (L)
2004: 3 (L)
2005: 0 (L)
2006: 3 (L)
2007: 6 (L)
2008: 5 (W)
2009: 0 (W)
2010: 6 (W)
2011: 0 (W)
2012: 0 (L)
2013: 3 (W)
2014: 5 (W)
2015: 0 (W)

Alabama has been completely shut out in six of those first quarters, and they were 7-7 overall in those games. The good news for Alabama is that they have only lost one of those games since 2008, even with the early offensive struggles.

Potentially even better news for the Tide? They didn’t score at all against the Bulldogs in the first quarter of 2015, but they then scored 21 points in the second.

What can we take from this? It looks like the LSU game can really take a toll on Alabama, and it makes them struggle early in the proceeding game. However, they’ve been able to win most of the time with Saban as their head coach, so Tide fans should freak out if they are down 7-0 early to Mississippi State.

[H/T Reddit]

History shows that Alabama will struggle against Mississippi State on Saturday Kevin Cox/Getty Images
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