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LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron is big on the talk. Orgeron is one of those coaches who speaks often in cliches and hyperbole and constantly seems to be talking in “coach speak”. Orgeron will however also be honest about his opponents, a trait he displayed leading into LSU’s matchup with Alabama by having a “tell the truth” day in which he lauded the Tide for all of their talent and strength.

The tone from Orgeron changed however after the Tigers were dominated by Bama, being shutout 10-0 and held to only 125 total yards of offense. Instead of affirming his earlier talk of Alabama’s greatness, Orgeron instead responded to questions about Alabama with this dozy,

Orgeron then proceded to insinuate that it was more about what LSU didn’t do Saturday night than about what Alabama did do. Orgeron then spent his Monday complaining about the officials to the SEC office. 

It hasn’t been a good 48 hours for coach Orgeron, and it has everything to do with someone else.