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Paul Finebaum appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter Sunday morning and even though Alabama easily handled Arkansas 49-30 and has demolished all other teams it’s played so far this season. However, Finebaum is convinced that the magic of Tennessee’s season hasn’t run out despite the loss to Texas A&M.

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Finebaum is sure that Alabama will lose to Tennessee next week and here’s why:

“I think it’s reasonable,” Finebaum said of Alabama’s chances to lose either of its next two games. “And I think the better shot, frankly, is in Knoxville Saturday. Tennessee has not beaten Alabama in nine years. And listen, anyone in America who would bet against Tennessee right now is insane. I can’t explain it. I mean, I watched that game like you did and like the nation did yesterday, and every time I thought it was over, Tennessee pulled something else out. So I think Tennessee has a reasonable shot at beating Alabama this weekend.”

Tennessee also needs the win to stay ahead of Georgia and Florida in the SEC East and for a chance to go to Atlanta. Tennessee’s improbable comebacks should have everyone believing that anything is possible and after losing to Bama for nine straight years you better believe the Vols want this one badly.

[h/t SEC Country]

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