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Much of the talk in the SEC this season has revolved around Alabama, and which team would in the conference would have the best shot at dethroning the champs. First it was LSU or Ole Miss, then Tennessee, and now Texas A&M after the Aggies took down the Vols on Saturday.

Well, maybe not so fast on A&M challenging the Tide… or any team challenging Alabama, for that matter.

According to this stat from Pro Football Focus, Texas A&M had 31 missed tackles in their double overtime game against Tennessee. Seems like a lot, right? Well, it seems like even more when they bust out that Alabama missed 24 tackles in their games against everyone.

Yeah, Texas A&M won’t be able to get away with that two weeks from now in Tuscaloosa.

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Even though Arkansas and Ole Miss each piled some points on Alabama earlier this year, this helps show why it is so difficult to beat Alabama; even when you are at your best offensively, the Crimson Tide simply don’t make many mistakes to help your cause.

Only 24 missed tackles through six games is really good. Of course, as we have seen with Nick Saban, he won’t be happy until that number is zero missed tackles.

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