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Western Michigan is one of college football’s Cinderella stories this season, jumping out to 10-0 behind head coach P.J. Fleck and doing its best to disrupt the College Football Playoffs.

Ranked No. 21 in the country, the Broncos likely won’t have an opportunity to crash the final four, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t dream.

The “We Want Bama” schtick is pretty funny, but at least two sets of fans have already come to regret doing much of the same already this year.

LSU fans already discovered the pains of calling out Bama, falling 10-0. Washington fans called out Bama just last week:

They learned they don’t want any of Bama. Heck, they didn’t want any of USC either, falling 26-13.

The only team in recent memory to do so in recent memory was the 2014 National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes.

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