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Well this is quite the accusation.

According to Zach Aldridge of Spectrum Sports, a fellow Florida player connected now suspended players Rick Wells and Jordan Scarlett in the ongoing fraud scandal that has rocked the Gators football team.

The report does not name the player that made the implication, but states that the player told the University police department of Wells and Scarlett’s involvement. So far, the scandal has caused nine players to be suspended for the team’s season opener against Michigan, at minimum. A tenth player, James Robinson, has been suspended for a separate offense.

The implicated players allegedly took part in a scheme where they purchased electronic products with school-issued debit cards before selling them for cash. While this practice isn’t uncommon, the Gators’ players then went to university officials to report that their cards were stolen. This triggered a school investigation into possible credit card fraud where the officials deemed the cards were not stolen and looked into the purchases. They found the players at fault for misusing funds given to them.

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