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There are plenty of great options to go with in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft and very few, if any of them, would be described as not tough or gritty. However, there is one potential first-rounder that is being described as a “fake tough guy” by one scout and that’s Florida’s Caleb Brantley.

The 6’3″, 307-pound defensive tackle would probably intimidate most people on a football field, but apparently the scout that spoke to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel isn’t convinced that he’s a real tough guy. That same scout said, “He understands how to edge the blocker and has balance and control. Doesn’t always finish the play. I like the athlete.”

Another scout wasn’t terribly impressed either. He said, “He’s got to be more consistent anchoring down and playing the run. Even as a 3-technique, you’re going to have to take on a double every now and then. Otherwise, they just keep running the ball at you all damn game. He wants to rush the passer.”

Brantley finished the 2016 season with 31 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 9.5 tackles for loss while facing double teams more often than not and is projected by Walter Football to go to the Oakland Raiders at No. 24.

[h/t Gridiron Now]

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