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Usually when guests go on ESPN’s First Take show they get annihilated and shut out by Stephen A. Smith because he’s yelling so much. That was most certainly not the case as the show had Tim Tebow as a guest. Stephen A. tried to tear apart Tebow for attempting to play baseball again — something he hasn’t done since high school — but Tebow was not having any of that.

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Smith has mocked Tebow — a fellow ESPN employee by the way — for his pursuit of a baseball career after he retired from the NFL. So the former Heisman decided to defend himself and completely took apart Stephen A. Here’s an excerpt from the video above:

“When are dreams based on chances. Dreams are based on things in your heart, your passions and things you want to try. I’m so grateful that I get to go pursue something, even if it’s a longshot. If it’s not in my heart, why am I going to do that? That’s what so unfortunate in society, when people go accept your average 9-5 rather than trying for something.”

And boom goes the dynamite! That’s how you send Smith cowering back to the yell hole he came out of in the first place.

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