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Former LSU running back Leonard Fournette has come under some heat this week at the NFL Combine because of his listed weight. He’s at 240 pounds, which makes him the heaviest running back at the Combine and it’s five more pounds than he was listed at during the 2016 season.

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While there’s plenty of time for Fournette to lose weight — which he has attributed to extra water weight — some teams seem to be upset about the weight. However, there was at least one person in his corner and that was former LSU teammate Brandon Harris.

He piggybacked on a tweet from CBS Sports reporter Brad Crawford about his running and it makes a good point:

Fournette still has time before his pro day to lose the weight and could put any doubts to bed with a strong Combine performance in the drills. His punishing running style might require some more weight in order to last longer in the league so maybe people shouldn’t get too upset that 240 number just yet.

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