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A lot of names are being thrown out there as potential replacements for Les Miles at LSU. Lane Kiffin, Tom Herman, and Jimbo Fisher have been tossed around as candidates for the job, but not everyone is sold on LSU pulling down a big name.

Sports Illustrated had a panel on who will be the coach to takeover at LSU, and one of the top names they produced was not a name that a ton of people are currently throwing around: North Carolina’s Larry Fedora.

Fedora has been very good at North Carolina, compiling a 35-21 record in 3-plus seasons. He led the Tar Heels to an appearance in the ACC Championship Game last year, ending the season with an 11-3 overall record.

What puts Fedora ahead of other potential candidates? It might simply be availability. It’s not a lock for Herman to leave Houston, especially if they do get the Big 12 invite that activates a $5 million bonus. LSU might not want to take a chance on a guy like Kiffin, or even a hot coordinator, yet unproven head coach like Clemson’s Brent Venables.

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And pulling a guy like Jimbo Fisher, Mark Dantonio, or Urban Meyer? Not happening.

That would leave Fedora in a near-perfect spot for LSU: a guy that may be looking to step into a major football program and all the perks that come with that: increased recruiting resources, money, and increased national title odds.

He might not be the sure-fire top candidate, but LSU could certainly do worse.

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