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If college football players were to be paid like NFL players for their worth then there are certainly some who would be worth a whole lot more than others. However, you would think that a lot of the players for SEC schools would probably be worth the most money on average, like guys from Alabama, Florida, Tennessee or LSU. You would be wrong.

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Estimates for each player were compiled by using data from the Department of Education. In the NFL, players get 47% of all revenue as agreed upon in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and for this study, each school’s football revenue was split between the school and the athletes. So that’s not taking into account any of the other sports is what it sounds like. With 85 scholarship players on the roster, the players’ shares were divided evenly among them.

top-players-worth-graph[Picture comes from Zach Soskin]

The NCAA Division I-A (FBS) average is $163,869.


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