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Jim Harbaugh probably hates Ohio State.

That comes with the territory when you are the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, but Harbaugh’s father worked under Bo Schembechler in Ann Arbor and Harbaugh played quarterback for the program. In other words, he is the most “Michigan Man” of them all and that means a healthy disdain for the chief rival from Columbus.

In addition, that point was apparently driven home via Twitter, as Harbaugh seems to have done a weird thing to gain followers.

Of course, we would be jumping to conclusions in flatly assuming Harbaugh acquired followers to chase down Urban Meyer and we don’t know how those followers came to be. However, the internet is already in a full lather in generating additional animosity here, and it makes sense.

At the time of this post, Meyer still holds a 4-digit lead in follower count, but Harbaugh is quickly gaining and he is the (much) more interesting follow given his eccentricities. On the field, Ohio State has owned Michigan for most of the past decade and a half, but the Wolverines appear to be gaining under Harbaugh and the rivalry is churning as a result.

It would be weird if Harbaugh really went after Meyer in this way on Twitter but, um, Harbaugh is a strange fellow. Run wild with this one.

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