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Even those who don’t play video games will be familiar with the Pokémon series. After more than a decade of the television show, numerous video games, and of course the trading cards themselves, Pokémon has cemented itself as one of the more iconic franchises in pop culture.

With such a popular series, it’s no wonder that Nintendo is so willing to continue releasing installments. According to the a recent post on the company’s Twitter account, Nintendo will air a special news announcement for Pokémon:

There’s little else to be said beyond the fan community’s wild speculation. Some have hoped the Switch would soon see the arrival of the Pokémon series, while others have suggested that older installments will be re-released with major graphical and mechanical updates.

Visit Nintendo’s official Twitter account for more instant updates, or visit the link in the above Tweet to tune in to the broadcast when it begins 10 a.m. on June 6.

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