There aren’t really “good” drug arrests, but this one definitely fell into the “worse than normal” category at the very least.

Former WWE wrestler and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Matt Sydal — formerly Evan Bourne — was arrested back in September at Kansai International Airport after attempting to smuggle two grams of liquid cannibis into Japan.

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While athletes in the U.S. often get off lightly with small drug arrests, the same cannot be said in Japan. The Japanese take drug offense very seriously, and it appears that Sydal has spent the last six weeks in a Japanese prison after a conviction in mid-October.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sydal is expected to be released from prison on Dec. 6, upon which he will return to the U.S. to resume his wrestling career. Sydal may no longer be allowed to work with NJPW following the arrest and conviction.

Sydal may hope to return to WWE, but he had problems with synthetic marijuana there before he left for Japan. Sydal was popped twice under the WWE Wellness Policy, so even though WWE is currently in need of extra talents, Sydal may not have a chance there any more.

Sydal — as Bourne — was a one-time tag team champion in WWE. He is a three-time tag team champion in NJPW.

Former WWE star in prison after recent drug conviction YouTube/WWE
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