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While WWE is building towards a giant match at Survivor Series between Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, it looks like Goldberg’s first match back with WWE may not be with Lesnar at that pay-per-view.

The KeyBank Center in Buffalo is hosting WWE RAW on Nov. 14, which will be the last episode of RAW prior to Survivor Series, and it looks like the arena’s Twitter account may have dropped an interesting nugget on what Goldberg could be doing in Buffalo.

The Nov. 14 appearance won’t be Goldberg’s first back with WWE; he is currently scheduled to appear on Monday’s episode of RAW, but he is not expected to wrestle on that show.

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If Goldberg does have a match prior to the pay-per-view, it will likely be a short warmup match just to get him used to wrestling again. Goldberg hasn’t wrestled since 2004, where he and Lesnar both left WWE after an awful match at WrestleMania XX. The two will have a chance to redeem themselves at Survivor Series in what — at the very least — should be something that draws a lot of money for WWE.

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