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Rumors have started to pick up in recent weeks surrounding the potentially upcoming WWE Draft and which superstars might be heading to different shows in 2017.

However, a new big name can be added to the list as a superstar who will be wrestling on a different night every week, and it’s Roman Reigns.

Via Cagesideseats:

Earlier this week, there were whispers about AJ Styles heading to Monday nights while the longest reigning tag team in WWE history, The New Day, made their way to Team Blue. But a new report from PWInsider (in their subscription-only Elite section, via Wrestling Inc) says there’s a single name which has been a major focus of backstage planning for a draft/trade, and it’s one that will probably surprise a lot of fans…

Roman Reigns.”

This is interesting for a few reasons, as it is no secret that WWE still views Reigns as a top babyface, so to move him off the “A” show to Tuesday nights would look like they’re somewhat souring on him as a potential top guy.

On the other hand, moving to Smackdown Live may be a welcome change for Reigns and there is always the possibility fans could come around him if he’s the top guy on Smackdown Live rather than Raw.

Many fans expected Reigns to jump back into the Raw Universal Title picture after WrestleMania, but this report certainly makes things more interesting in the WWE.

Reigns will take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.

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