Football has not been kind to the Parlier Panthers.

The California high school team has not won a game since 2013. But on Friday night, the team had reason to celebrate.

Justo Bustos, a senior who has been to every practice and every game, took the ball from a teammate on the opening kick off and headed up the field. That’s generally nothing special — except that Bustos has cerebral palsy.

The players from the opposing Riverdale team moved away from Bustos — what sportsmanship! — and his teammates surrounded him as he slowly made his way down the field. Exhausted at the end, Bustos dove into  end zone.

Those were the only six points that Parlier would score all game, as Riverdale won, 53-6. My guess is the memory is far ore important that the final score.

(h/t Fox26 News)

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