These internet challenges don’t seem to be going away, and this impressionable 14-year-old kid is paying the price.

The new “Duct Tape Challenge” has people wrapping their friends in duct tape while filming them trying to escape, which is supposed to be hilarious. While attempting the challenge, Skylar Fish tried to escape but instead fell and hit his head on a window frame. It only gets worse from there.

According to mother who spoke to KIRO, the accident “crushed his whole eye socket and pinched off nerves in his eye.”

The impact from the fall also caused a brain aneurysm, resulting in 48 staples in his head.

“When I think about it, it seems like I was hit by a car,” Fish said, according to KIRO.

“I’m just, actually, really lucky to be alive,” Fish said.

Here’s the supposedly “funny” version of this challenge:

After what happened to Fish, it doesn’t seem as fun anymore. This just adds to the list of potentially dangerous and ridiculous “challenges” like the infamous condom challenge which involves dropping water-filled condom onto the participant, or the underboob challenge in which women place objects under their boobs to see how long they can hold it their.

Maybe this is the “let’s see who can create the most idiotic challenge” challenge.

[h/t Lad Bible]

The latest internet craze is dangerous as hell, and this poor 14-year-old will never be the same

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