The Golden State Warriors ended up beating the OKC Thunder pretty bad Wednesday night with a 121-100 score, but it was what happened near hafltime (while the game was still close) when Russell Westbrook went to use a screen and was met by Rocky IV villain Drago, or rather Zaza Pachulia.

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Where were his teammates? That’s like Terrell Owens celebrating on the Dallas Star! Someone needed to come and truck that man! It would have absolutely been worth the technical or even getting thrown out of the game. Westbrook is all of those guys’ meal ticket and they just let some Bond wannabe villain stand over him like that. Just disrespectful.

It sounds like Westbrook will be out for revenge too as he found out about Pachulia standing over him after the game:

Everyone better watch out because Westbrook is coming for the league and Pachulia’s head now.

Russell Westbrook gets destroyed by Zaza Pachulia, and his teammates show their true colors Twitter/@TrendBasket
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