Saturday wasn’t the best day for Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett.

After committing a rather dirty play against Falcons offensive lineman Ryan Schraeder earlier in the game, Bennett didn’t take the loss well in the locker room. When asked about the defensive line’s performance during the game, Bennett launched into a profanity-laced tirade against a television reporter.

Part of the rant, via Dan Wolken of USA Today:

“Don’t play with me! I just put my heart on the (expletive) field! Don’t play with me. Get the —- out of my face! Try me again and see what happens. I ain’t one of these mother—— . Don’t tell me what I didn’t do, mother——.

“We lost the game! That’s the NFL, you non-playing mother——! What you do with your life? What you do with your lifetime mother——? What injury you play through? What adversity you went through?”

Bennett had to be calmed down by teammate Richard Sherman, who broke off his own interviews about seeing Bennett’s launch into a full tirade. Wolken also mentions that the rest of the Seattle defensive lineman answer similar questions about defensive line performance without blowing up like Bennett did.

The tirade came after this player earlier in the game, where Bennett attempted to eye-gouge Schraeder on a play near the goal line.

Not a good look for Bennett.

After a dirty play in-game, one Seahawks player later went on a tirade against a reporter Twitter/ColeCubelic
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