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America’s Team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in over two decades. In fact, the Dallas Cowboys have only won three playoff games in the last 20 seasons.

In a column for Sports on Earth, Will Leitch says you can’t call Cowboys fans bandwagon fans anymore.

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“Now, at one point, they might have been: They were enticed by the old Jimmy Johnson/Troy Aikman/Emmitt Smith/Michael Irvin teams… But the fact is: If you have stuck with being a fan of the Cowboys, you have, in fact, earned your fanhood. You’ve had to go through a lot.”

The Cowboys are currently 4-1 with a rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott and rookie running back in Ezekiel Elliott, and they appear to be one of the best teams in the NFC.

If Cowboys fans can’t be labeled as bandwagon fans anymore, perhaps Patriots fans can take their place.

(h/t Sports Day)

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