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The whole world is expecting Tom Brady’s revenge tour—which kicks off Sunday at Cleveland—to be a murderous one that culminates with Roger Goodell having to hand Brady the Lombardi Trophy after the Pats win the Super Bowl in February.

And, according to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, that includes a number of NFL coaches, who admit to being frightened by the prospect of facing what, by all appearances, will be a merciless machine of a quarterback come the weekend.

“Thanks to Roger Goodell,” said one anonymous coach, “Tom Brady is going to kill us all.”

“This Tom Brady scares the s–t out of me,” another nameless defensive coach confessed.

Brady was never the type of player that needed to find motivation, but just based on some of his touchdown celebrations alone, he’s clearly the type that likes to throw it back in people’s faces. That said, the Cleveland Browns could be in for a long one on Sunday. As Freeman notes, “The NFL is nervous. It should be.”

For his part, Brady’s flying under the radar about his return, and won’t be conducting his usual Wednesday press conference. Per NFL rules, Brady is technically not on the 53-man roster until he’s reactivated by the league. As such, he’s not expected to fulfill his normal media obligations, but would be allowed to speak to reporters if he chose to. And as of now, he hasn’t.

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Bill Belichick is also avoiding talk of Brady’s return, suggesting that it’s not even on his mind.

“Right now we’re focused on Cleveland,” Belichick said.”Can’t do anything about what was or wasn’t in the last four weeks. We’re into Cleveland week, and that’s all our focus is. Not worried about last week. Not worried about next week. Not worried about last year. Worried about this week against Cleveland. That’s it. Period.”

It’s hard to imagine that making Goodell and the league pay for the whole Deflategate debacle isn’t one of the foremost thoughts on both of their minds right now.