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Last month, it appeared as if the Seattle Seahawks were going to be penalized after withholding injury information about Richard Sherman.

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However, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Seahawks  “are not expected to be penalized heavily — if at all — for not disclosing (the injury). The league was provided with all medical materials regarding Sherman’s MCL injury, and they were in the process of a final review. But as the investigation wraps up, the view is that the Seahawks did not commit an egregious rules violation.”

Sherman cited how the Indianapolis Colts weren’t penalized for failing to disclose Andrew Luck’s cracked ribs in 2015, and how it would strange if the league penalized the Seahawks but not the Colts. Sherman also said his knee injury wasn’t serious.

The NFL hasn’t made an official ruling yet, but it appears as if Seattle might come away unscathed.


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