The Dak Prescott-Tony Romo debate is back on the table now that Romo returned to practice this week and is just about healthy enough to return to the starting lineup.

The argument was never about who the better overall quarterback is. Romo’s in his 13th year and has always hovered around the top 10 or 12 passers in the league. All Prescott has done is win games, seven in a row. So, from that perspective, there’s a good argument for why either one should get the start.

But from a purely football standpoint—knowledge of the game, how to dissect defenses and react to them—the two are on completely different levels. A Reddit user posted a 10-second clip┬árecently that gives insight into what Romo has that Prescott does not.

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In it, Romo is seen on the sidelines counting the players on the defensive side of the ball as he would on the field. Just before the ball is snapped, you can see Romo mouthing the word “dammit.” He knew after counting how many men were in the box that Prescott should have called an audible, but he didn’t and the play was blown up.

It’s both a small and big detail that illuminates one advantage the Cowboys would have with Romo under center, but at the same time makes a case for Prescott and how, in the grand scheme of things, mistakes like this one have done little to throw him off course.

The debate rages on then, and by all appearances will continue to until something definitive, like a Prescott disaster, happens on the field. Just don’t hold your breath.

Reddit user points out the one reason the Cowboys should absolutely consider switching to Tony Romo Streamable screen shot

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