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Richard Sherman made headlines Monday night after taking out the knees of Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter well after the whistle.

That prompted a castration tweet from Carpenter’s wife, stating “I know what we do on the farm when a male can’t control his rage.” She later gave a lukewarm apology, calling it an “attempt at humor” and it wasn’t “received the way (she) intended.”

Sherman responded on Wednesday, via WKBW:

“It’s not surprising at all. This is a day in age where you’ve got Ku Klux Klan running around… you know, people say whatever they want and there’s very little consequence,” Sherman started when speaking with Seahawks reporters. “For her to say something like that and then have a BS apology like she did, I mean, it’s just the way of the world. I don’t let it bother me. It’s something that I’m very used to. It’s just the way people are… the way people were raised.”

Sherman later called the situation “disappointing.”

He was adamant after the contest that the play was not dirty and maintains he was going for the ball the entire time. He later said if Carpenter didn’t want to get hit, he shouldn’t have followed through with the kick.

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