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The Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills actually gave us a good Monday Night Football game that came down to the last possession of the game. The Bills were driving down the field for a potential game-winning touchdown with the score 31-25 in favor of the Seahawks.

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The Bills got in the redzone and had a chance to win the game until quarterback Tyrod Taylor had to throw a bad ball to a receiver he didn’t want to throw the ball to. He should have had a guy near the bottom of the field open, but Richard Sherman delivered this huge hit on him:

Bills fans were understandably upset by no flag thrown there, but it actually was a legal hit and Sherman even called out Deadspin for their tweet.

This was the second questionable play of the game for the refs as they allowed Sherman to completely knock out kicker Dan Carpenter earlier in the game on an offsides call and then refused to call roughing the kicker or unnecessary roughness as he went for Carpenter’s leg rather than the ball. The Seahawks won this game, but under some very odd and questionable circumstances.

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