It’s hard to imagine a Seattle Seahawks player having the gall to troll anyone after the spanking they took from the Atlanta Falcons. Even one that didn’t play in the game.

But Seahawks safety Earl Thomas did just that after his team lost to Atlanta 36-20 Saturday, a game he was sidelined for because of a broken leg.

Thomas argued that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who engineered a solid 34-16 victory over the Houston Texans Saturday night, would have a tougher road though the playoffs if the Pats resided in the NFC West.

But the problem with that thinking, as pointed out by a number of witty Twitter users, is that the NFC West was collectively the worst division in the league this season, with three of its four teams recording sub .500 records.

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And that opened the flood gates.

But perhaps the best post of all came from Twitter user @TheBeantownGuru, who suggested that Thomas must still be reeling from Seattle’s stunning loss to the Pats in the waning seconds of the Super Bowl two years ago.

Salty Seahawks player tried to rip Tom Brady, proceeded to get destroyed on Twitter Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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