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When the re-building New York Jets cut Brandon Marshall you knew he wouldn’t be unemployed long. Yes, he’s 33, but he still caught 59 passes (788 yard, three TDs) for a really bad team that lacked consistent quarterback play. And then, there’s this:

So it’s no surprise he’ll get a job. The favorite to land him is.

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It’s not the New England Patriots, the perennial Super Bowl contender who would give Marshall a much coveted ring. They came in second.

According to SportsLine, it’s the New York Giants, and in this case, it doesn’t appear to be a smokescreen for a better paying gig.

The Jets cut Marshall to save $7.5 million in salary cap space, and also make room for their core of young wide receivers. The New York Daily News laid out all the reasons Marshall makes perfect sense for the Giants, including this – quarterback Eli Manning needs a big receiver like the six-foot-four Marshall, who could he the missing piece for a playoff run.

And, Marshall has never been to the playoffs.

While Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh may be in the mix  — notice the east coast proximity – it may make most sense for Marshall to sign with the Giants, who happen to share MetLIfe stadium with the Jets.

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