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At least the Cleveland Browns (1-15) had one bright spot this year.

Terrell Pryor finished the 2016 season with 1,007 yard receiving yards.  Nice. But the bigger picture means Pryor has found himself in some elite company.

Pryor started his career as a quarterback — the position he played at Ohio State — and in 2013, passed for 1,708 yard when he played for the Oakland Raiders. That makes Pryor only the second player in NFL history to have at least one season catching and passing for 1,000 or more yards.

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The only other person to accomplish that feat — Marlin Briscoe, who threw  for 1,589 yards in 1968 for the Denver Broncos and had 1,036 receiving yards in 1970 for the Buffalo Bills. Briscoe is also known for being the first African-American to play quarterback in NFL history, when he started for Denver.

ProFootballTalk notes that AFL records prior to the 1970 merger count as official NFL statistics

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