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The “No Fun League” has been that times about 1,000 this season.

The latest example has nothing to do with the NFL’s recent assault on touchdown celebrations. It’s about Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown’s cleats, believe it or not. Brown took the field today against the Jets wearing a special pair of tribute cleats honoring the late Muhammad Ali, adorned with a picture of Ali’s face.

Brown somehow escaped detection for two drives in the game before NFL officials told him he couldn’t re-enter the game unless he changed them, which he gladly did.

Personalized shoes, though, are an issue that Brown’s been fighting all season long. In week 1, he wore a pair of baby blue cleats with pictures of his kids on them and got fined $9,000 by the league.

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Brown reportedly said he didn’t mind paying the fine and planned to continue wearing cleats containing pictures of people who inspire him. He also promised to abide by the league’s color rules, which he did in week 4 when he wore a pair of black and yellow cleats with pictures of golfer Arnold Palmer, who passed away a week earlier. And he was allowed to play the whole game in them.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t incur another $9,000 fine.

Between the shoes and his touchdown celebrations, it’s becoming insanely expensive to be Antonio Brown.