Most people are pretty unhappy after a loss in the postseason and especially so when the score is 18-16 like it was for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers were on the winning side of that score despite not scoring a single touchdown.

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That part likely infuriates Chiefs players, but the fact that they had a chance to win at the end and couldn’t complete a two-point conversion might have been the gut punch to end it all. With the Chiefs down 18-10, they scored a touchdown and needed the conversion and seemed to get it on the first try, but offensive lineman Eric Fisher was called for a holding and the second attempt was no good. That might have been what prompted tight end Travis Kelce to go off on the refs:

“They shouldn’t be able to wear a zebra jersey ever again. They shouldn’t even be able to work at f***ing Foot Locker,” said Kelce in that video. Those are some pretty strong feelings on that matter and he’ll be harboring those into next season I would imagine.

Chiefs star player curses out refs after brutal loss to Pittsburgh Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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