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Some people aren’t exactly thrilled that the Minnesota Vikings are cleaning up the NFL one week at a time with a 5-0 record.

One of those people is a 21-year-old man in Wisconsin who apparently was irritated at a Minnesota fan’s giant inflatable Viking in the fan’s front yard and a scuffle ensued where police say the fan was then stabbed seven times, per the Star Tribune.

But the alleged victim says the man is the lucky one:

Moschel said he’s lucky to be alive and so is the man who stabbed him. “Luckily, I didn’t have my concealed carry on me at the time,” Moschel said. “Ninety-nine percent of the time I leave the house, I never leave without it. And this is the one time I did. I’m kind of glad I did, because he would have been dead, and I would have had to live with that.

The Vikings have reportedly invited the man, Dave Moschel, to a team practice and have invited him to attend the November 20 contest against the Arizona Cardinals.

Moschel’s inflatable Viking is also expected to be ok, as he reportedly intends to patch the display up.

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