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The wrestling world voiced its displeasure following an incident involving Sexy Star and Global Force Wrestling Knockout Rosemary during the Reina de Reinas (women’s) championship match at AAA’s TripleManía event in Mexico on Saturday.

According to PWInsider, Rosemary suffered an injury during the finish of the match after Sexy Star hyperextended or dislocated her elbow using her armbar submission.

Prior to the incident, Sexy Star and Lady Shani, who was also competing in the 4Way match, “were legitimately shooting on (fighting) each other at one point.” According to the report, Sexy Star apologized to Rosemary and was rushed out of the arena as tensions were high backstage.

Doctors evaluated the GFW Knockout to determine the extent of the damage. Fortunately, PWInsider reported that Rosemary’s injury isn’t quite as severe as it had been originally reported through numerous outlets and she is not expected to miss extended time.

Still, Sexy Star’s actions were rightfully shunned by a wrestling community that follows the code of taking care of your opponent and trying to avoid injuries at all costs. Here are some notable reactions to the incident, including several of Rosemary’s fellow GFW Knockouts.

Surely, there will be repercussions for Sexy Star following the incident.

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