We’ve seen soccer players have some pretty heated reactions to red cards before, but this is next level.

It happened in the Brazilian third-division final between Boa Esporte and Guarani when Guarani’s Beck Ferreira, apparently frustrated by his team being down 2-0, hip checked an opposing player, drawing a red card from the referee. Whether the foul was actually deserving of such a harsh penalty is arguable, but Ferreira’s reaction was indefensible.

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Ferreira pushed the referee to the ground quite aggressively, then went after his own teammates when they tried to calm him down. Things got so out of control at one point that police dressed in riot gear had to be called in. Ferreira was reportedly escorted off the pitch after a two full minutes of damage control.

No word yet on what kind of punishment he could receive, but it’s likely to be severe.


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