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The day after Christmas is giving us all the great gift of more bowl games, but it looks like we got some coal in our stockings as well. Unfortunately, the game between Mississippi State and Miami of Ohio gave us one ugly moment. Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald took off on a run and was not only leveled, but looked like he came close to a concussion as his helmet was knocked off by Miami defender Deondre Daniels.

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This was possibly the most obvious targeting call of the season, but Miami’s coach decided he was going to get insanely mad about it anyway. He totally lost his mind and was yelling at somebody after the replay.

There wasn’t much to dispute here so there’s really no logical reason he should be so upset about the call. The Bulldogs are currently leading 17-16 late in the fourth quarter as they scored a field goal later on the drive where Fitzgerald took that hit.

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