O.J. Simpson may be nearing his return to civilization after a 33-year prison sentence was handed down in a 2008 Nevada robbery and kidnapping case.

Nine years after he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for 12 counts, including assault with a deadly weapon, Simpson is eligible for parole and could be out on the streets as of October 1, 2017, per Sports Illustrated.

“Given that Simpson is eligible for parole on Oct. 1, a hearing should occur around July 1. If granted parole, he could be out of prison by the fall. If denied, he could remain in prison until 2022, when he’ll be 75.

For Simpson to get a favorable ruling—for the Juice to be loosed, as it were—he’ll need recommendations from at least four of the seven commissioners. That the parole board in Nevada grants release in roughly half the cases it hears involving male prisoners underscores the maybe/maybe not nature of the process. “I’ve seen [inmates] with no issues turned down. I’ve seen others where I’ve thought ‘no way’ get to go home early,” says one Department of Corrections employee not authorized to speak for attribution. “They make up their own minds.”’

If Simpson’s parole is denied, he would be eligible again in 2022. He would then be 75 years old.

Here are 11 factors, per SI:

  • Age at the time of arrest
  • Prior probation
  • Employment history
  • Offense leading to current or prior convictions
  • History of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Gender
  • Current age
  • Active gang membership
  • Completed education or treatment program during prison term
  • Disciplinary write-ups
  • Custody level

Simpson was found guilty on all 12 counts stemming from an incident involving a memorabilia collector in a hotel in Las Vegas where the former NFL player attempted to reclaim his former goods. One man in his entourage drew a gun and they left with as many as 800 collectibles.

He was sentenced exactly 13 years to the day he was found not guilty in the infamous case over the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Stunning decision could be on the way for O.J. Simpson’s jail sentence Issac Brekken-Pool/Getty Images
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