Ryan Garcia Talks Suspension And Retirement

Last week Ryan Garcia announced his retirement, which coincided with the New York State Athletic Commission suspending him for one year. This consequence came as a result of the superstar boxer testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

TMZ caught up with Garcia, who clarified that he only was planning to retire for one year.

"I'm retiring for a year. So they don't get the [satisfaction] for suspending me cause it's bull," Garcia told TMZ Sports over the weekend. "I never took steroids in my life."

The ruling also leads to Garcia giving up his $1 million purse that he made on the fight, as his victory over Devin Haney from April 20 will now be considered a no-contest.

Garcia told TMZ, "It does [hurt]. [Devin's] a 'b,' and his daddy's a 'b.' The only reason I'm not cussing is cause my daughter's here."

Haney also spoke on this issue in an interview with ESPN.

"The facts are the facts and I wasn't on an even playing field," Haney said. "Happy I was able to receive justice for what happened. It's all part of my story and it's only going to make me better. I look to enjoy this time with my family and friends and see what's next."

Despite the tests and verdict handed down by the commission, Garcia remains adamant that he is innocent, feeling he has been given unfair treatment.

"I really hope boxing good without me," Garcia posted. "I fought everyone and was willing to. They have turned there [sic] back on me. I'm innocent. I stand by that I don't care what everyone says. I didn't take PEDs."

That is to say, Garcia's attorneys previously said that he, "was a victim of substance contamination." Reportedly, both the day before the fight and after his upset win, the 25-year-old tested positive for ostarine, which is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that helps speed up the process of muscle growth.

Garcia even talked about joining the UFC, but whether he is joking or not is still under question.